The Clinical Resources core provides physical locations, skilled personnel, and key resources essential for the conduct of clinical and translational research for OSCTR partners. The core has several aims:

  • To maintain, enhance and optimize the use of mature cohorts to facilitate clinical and translational research for OSCTR investigators. We will build and improve emerging cohorts, registries and repositories in the OSCTR partner institutions. The services provided through this aim will enhance the continuation and development of research cohorts as well as the facilitation of the cohorts and collections by junior OSCTR investigators for novel research questions and career development. Click here to learn more about these operational cohorts.
  • To provide assistance to investigators undertaking clinical and translational research. The OSCTR clinical resources core will aid investigators new to CTR to aid in the initiation of clinical projects.
  • To build on the ongoing success of the Special Populations Unit to facilitate collaborative investigations within American Indian populations. 


Research conducted by OSCTR investigators will occur at many sites at OSCTR partners. However, the OSCTR also supports Clinical Resources facilities at OUHSC and OMRF that support each other and serve as additional resources to support clinical research trials needing space and resources with appropriate cost recovery. These facilites house various sample and data registries and repositories, have long-standing collaborations with typically underserved populations, and actively participate in clinical trials.

OCTSI Center for Clinical and Translational Research (OUHSC)

  • Housed in the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center
  • Provides clinical research facilities, exam rooms, office and conference rooms.
  • Staffed by an experienced Research Nurse-Coordinator and senior mentor physicians.

Clinical Pharmacology and Multiple Sclerosis Centers (OMRF)

  • Provides nurse study coordinators, an infusion nurse, medical technicians, medical assistants and a physical therapist and senior mentor physicians.


Core Leadership

R. Hal Scofield, MD

Clinical Resources KCA Director - OUHSC Adult

Kenneth Copeland, MD

Clinical Resources Associate Director - OUHSC Pediatric

Eliza Chakravarty, MD

Clinical Resources Associate Director- OMRF Pediatric

Joan Merrill, MD

Clinical Resources Associate Director- OMRF Adult