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- Adapting Practice-Based Intervention Research to Electronic Environments: Opportunities and Complexities at Two Institutions in eGems.





Adolescent Vaccination in Oklahoma: A Work in Progress in Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association (hyperlink pending)


Impact of a Physician Recommendation in Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics




Parents' Perceptions of the HPV Vaccine: A Key Target for Improving Immunization Rate in Expert Review of Clinical Immunology.  


Reasons for Not Vaccinating Adolescents: National Survey of Teens, 2008-2010 in Pediatrics. 


Calculating Subset Weighted Analysis Using PROC SURVEYFREQ and GENMOD by SAS Global Forum




Childhood obesity management in primary care: Highlights from the 2007 Expert Committee Recommendations in The Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. 


Highlights of Historical Events leading to National Surveillance of Vaccination Coverage in the United States in Public Health Reports. 


Extra-immunization as a Clinical Indicator of Fragmentation of  Care in Public Health Reports. 


HIPAA Compliance: Meeting Privacy Requirements in Combining Multiple Datasets using SAS Functions by SAS Global Forum




Do Patient-Held Vaccination Records Improve Vaccination Coverage Rates?  An Analysis Over 3 Years in Pediatrics. 


Impact of Practice Policies on Pediatric Immunization Rates in Journal of Pediatrics. 




Headache in Children in Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association. 


Measuring Practice Immunization Rates Quickly and Accurately in the Era of HIPAA: Validation of the Quick Count Method in Practice Settings in Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association. 


Practice-based Research a Necessary Intersection between Academics and Practice in Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association. 


The effect of vaccinated children on increased hepatitis B immunization among high-risk adults in American Journal of Public Health. 


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Improving Pediatric Practice Immunization Rates Through Distance-Based Quality Improvement: A Feasibility Trial from PROS in Clinical Pediatrics.