The OSCTR joins a list of successful IDeA programs in the state of Oklahoma that build research infrastructure to launch the careers of science investigators. The OSCTR extends this infrastructure development into areas of clinical and translational research to support clinically-relevant and community-driven research projects and to provide the support necessary for innovative and collaborative research programs. The OSCTR mission is aligned with the National Institutes of Health's growing interest and focus in clinical and translational research. 


Oklahoma IDeA Program Principal Investigator
Oklahoma Shared Clinical and Translational Resources Judith James, MD PhD
Expanding Excellence in Developmental Biology in Oklahoma Linda Thompson, PhD
Interdisciplinary Research in Vascular Biology Rodger McEver, MD
Mentoring Diabetes Research in Oklahoma Jian-Xing Ma, MD, PhD
Mentoring Translational Cancer Research in Oklahoma Danny Dhanasekaran, PhD
Mentoring Vision Research in Oklahoma Robert Anderson, MD PhD
Molecular Mechanisms and Genetics of Autoimmunity Patrick Gaffney, MD
Oklahoma Center for Respiratory and Infectious Diseases Lin Liu, PhD
Oklahoma COBRE in Structural Biology Ann West, PhD
Oklahoma IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Darrin Akins, PhD
Science in a Culture of Mentoring Judith James, MD PhD