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Dr. Changjie Cai Ph. D
Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at Hudson College of Public Health at OUHSC.

PROJECT:Expertise includes aerosol/bioaerosols, air quality modeling, and machine learning (e.g. image recognition). We are building an experimental chamber and to test the filtration efficiency by size (from ~16 nm to ~500 nm) of various masks, including N95, KN95 and surgical masks. Due to the shortage of supplies, we have been also testing the reuse of masks, for example, the effects of different sterilization processes (such as H2O2, ClO2, UVI, etc.) and multiple cycles on the mask filtration efficiency by size. We can also do fit tests of other types of masks (such as 3D-printed masks).

Dr. Dee Wu Ph.D.
Professor, Radiological Sciences , and Adjunct in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Project 1: Using AI and bioinformatics to predict areas where new outbreaks occur.

Project 2:Building real-time ventilator splitting.

Project 3: Working with the OU Incident Command Center for Covid-19 on safety and education

Michael Baxter, DO,
Department of Pediatrics

Amy Hendrix, MA,
Department of Pediatrics
Professor, Radiological Sciences , and Adjunct in Computer Science andElectrical Engineering.

Project: Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 and Social Isolation on Child Maltreatment Referral Rates.

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