Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence (OCME)

Funded By: The National Institutes of Health

Director: Natasha Mickel, Ph.D.

Assistant Director: Brandt Wiskur, Ph.D.

Contact Information: Natasha-Mickel@ouhsc.edu


What is the Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence?

The Oklahoma Center for Mentoring Excellence (OCME) is an OUHSC workshop that provides comprehensive faculty mentor development information. OCME enhances mentoring opportunities for faculty focused on clinical and translational research, faculty from associated IDeA programs, as well as interested faculty members from any of the health sciences center colleges.

What is covered in the Mentor Workshops?

OCME uses evidence-based, interactive mentor development curriculum from the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN). The workshops provide an opportunity to understand and develop the six competency skills of effective mentors:


  • Maintaining Effective Communication (MEC)
  • Aligning Expectations (AE)
  • Assessing Understanding (AU)
  • Addressing Equity and Inclusion (AEI)
  • Fostering Independence (FI)
  • Promoting Professional Development (PPD)


  • Maintaining Effective Communication (MEC)
  • Aligning Expectations (AE)
  • Building Research Self-Efficacy (BRSE)
  • Addressing Diversity (AD)
  • Achieving Independence (AI)
  • Seeking Professional Development (SPD)

These competencies are covered in a series of three workshops. Participants who complete all three workshops will obtain a certificate of completion. Each workshop is presented twice a semester. This allows participants to make up any missed workshops when schedules don’t allow them to attend in sequential order.


Who should attend the workshops?

Faculty members who mentor medical students, fellows, junior faculty, graduate students, or residents should attend these workshops.


Upcoming Workshops

There is no cost to participants, but registration is required. Meals will be provided.

Click Here for a list of upcoming workshops and registration links