The OUHSC Clinical Research Informatics team is leading the deployment of OnCore to facilitate the integration of research infrastructure and provide critical functionality (including protocol, subject, financial, and biospecimen tracking) for the full spectrum of clinical trials and research performed within the organization. OnCore is used by more than 130 academic medical and cancer centers and health care systems and is considered the gold standard for clinical trial management systems (CTMS). It provides a centralized, comprehensive system for managing the full life cycle of a clinical trial. OnCore is a secure, web-based application and is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.  

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center commenced OnCore implementation planning in May 2021 and will begin a phased go-live in 2022.  



Protocol Management 

Define staff roles; record sponsor information, treatment and disease details, participating institutions, study sites, and affiliates; document committee reviews; store consent forms; and perform general task management.

Subject Administration

Registration, eligibility verification, enrollment documentation, and status management. 

Biospecimen Management

Record collection details, management of specimen inventory, tracking banking and correlative protocols, and designation of parent/child specimens.

Financial Management

Centralized storage of the research charge master, budget creation, sponsor invoicing, receipt tracking, and payment reconciliation. 

Subject Administration

Registration, eligibility verification, enrollment documentation, and status management.



  • Protection of subjects 
  • Facilitation of remote monitoring 
  • Improved compliance 
  • Streamlined research data management 
  • Standardized user training 
  • Accurate institutional metrics 
  • Custom reporting features 
  • Access logs and audit trails 
  • Efficient program and resource management 
  • Centralized research portfolio 

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